Friday, August 11, 2006

Peugeot 206 WRC

Another view of the 206 WRC

Peugeot 206 WRC

This was one of the very first models i ever made in Maya. I also build the plastic version many years ago. This is one of those projects that i keep going back to and changing things. Its come a long way since the first edition. Still not completely satisfied with it as there are a few areas i feel could do with some more work.... tails lights for example...... i'm sure i'll get it finished one day.

Poly count - 18000 tris (mostly in small detail which i will probably remove). Textures are just decal textures.... so no real texture mapping involved.

Ferrari 550

I will own one of these on day..... but in the mean time, this will have to do. I have a love of all things 'car-like' and the more flash the better. Modelled in Maya using 7000 polys

Cable Carnage

A level from Fear Factor Unleashed - called 'Cable Carnage' - i dont come up with the names ;)
The whole level was completed in 2 days, so not a lot of time to polish unfortunately, but i still think it looks good. Basically the player had to make it from the top of the cable house to the bottom collecting tokens on the way.... not really my idea of fun, but hey.... i just do the art work. ;) reminds me a bit of a James Bond sequence.......

Sewer concept

This was a style guide image for a sewer section. Part of a possible Arcade level in State of Emergency 2. This was created for the PSP, hence the low level of detail.

Captain America - WIP

Well, as you can probably tell, this is a work in progress. Originally wanted to build just a regular tough guy, but somewhere along the lines i decided to texture his head like Captain America. Not sure if i'll continue with the super hero theme, but i'll get round to finishing the model at some point...... honest.


Another character from Fear Factor Unleashed. Not too happy with his glasses or hair on this guy, but as i only had a day to do it, i guess its ok.
This is a character from Fear Factor Unleashed (PC, PS2 and Xbox) called Kirk. I was tasked with retexturing this guy and this is the outcome.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome all to my blog. I'm a 3D artist at Cohort Studios based in Dundee, Scotland. My good mate Ross told me about creating a blog and after viewing his (see link) i decided i would try one of my own.

Please feel free to leave comments/crits about any of the images on here.

Thanks and welcome.